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Peris Ateya's Story

Perris is a daughter to Wycliffe Andati and Phanice Anakayi. She is the fifth born in a family of two girls and three boys. They live in Bukura Shirembe Village Kakamega County in Lurambi District. The mother and the father are subsistence farmers living in a semi permanent two roomed house on their half an acre piece of land. Peris Ateya

Perris was born with poor vision, she could only see objects that were near .At the age of one and a half years ,the mother noticed some white spots in both her eyes .She thought maybe it was the effect of the family planning drugs she had been using but with time the condition worsened.

The mother decided to take her to Shirembe health centre for check up. The nurse examined the child and connected her to sister Lydia Andayi who was once a staff at Sabatia Eye hospital,working at Shikuyi Health centre. Lydia then referred her to Sabatia Eye Hospital .The child was examined  and was diagnosed with developmental cataract in both eyes.

After surgery Peris was able to see well from the operated eye. She was jovial and playful. The mother appreciated the hospital as a whole and the sponsoring partner for enabling her daughter to see. The mother was  advised to attend regular clinics to monitor her vision and given advice on school placement after she attained school going age.

We are glad that through the  joined efforts of Sabatia Eye hospital and other partners, Peris had her sight and life given back to her. She was able to play just like other children her age and would attend school normally once she attained the school going age.

Peris Ateya

Peris after the first and second eye surgery

Wanjala Were's Story

Wanjala Were a Ninety two year old man hails from Sirigoi sublocation Matoli area . He has five children three boys and two girls but none of them live with him. He has spent most of his  life in solitude ever since his wife died in 1970.After  his wife's death he tried to remarry but later divorced.

During his early years he was a goal keeper for North Nyanza football team .Other than that he was  working as an administration police where  he served as a chief messenger.

Wanjala Were

Wanjala relaxing after admission

Wanjala had two acres of land but the land  has since been sold by his sons leaving him with only a small .He says ‘shamba yangu imeuzwa na watoto wangu na wakahama kwenda scheme.Wameniachia kipande kidogo tu cha kuzikwa .’ meaning, ‘My land has been sold by my sons who have since migrated to settle in "scheme." They have left a small potion for my  burial.’

His main source of survival has been begging  as he lived alone but sometimes his brother's  wife came to his aid and cooked for him. To Wanjala, movement had been hard as he could not easily  find someone to lead him around. When he was lucky at times, his brothers grand children assisted him but, mostly he had to struggle on his own. He said life had been hard for him, he  had nowhere to get food , no one to help and he even preffered death .

Wanjala Were
Wanjala after visual acuity test

Wanjala came to Friends church Sabatia eye hospital with a vision of (HM)  in both eyes meaning he could only see hand movements. The problem started in April 2012 and  had not sought any treatment as he had no money to get to a hospital. After  surgery in his  right eye, he could see up to a distance of three metres .The happy wanjala could not hide his joy, ‘the doctor has really helped me.I won't bother people to guide me around again but my problem still remains how to get food.’  Wanjala like many other elderly people, face a problem of neglect, hunger and poverty .These could be sited as the main reasons  why most elderly patients come to the hospital when their condition has deteriorated .

Wanjala Were

A happy Wanjala a few minutes before discharge

Vision problem is  more common in the aged but with such  a program, many elderly people can get back their life. There is therefore need to increase these  services to other areas so as eye care could be accessible  to  many more elderly people like Wanjala.

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