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Peter's Story

Peter Butoi is a Seventy-eight years old male a father of three children. He is survived by two brothers. He lives in Bushimoli Isulu sub location in Kakamega County. He lives in a two bedroomed mud house on a half an acre piece of land shared with his two boys. His two are both alcoholics, who do not do any work to sustain their families and their father Mr. Butoi, the, therefore, depend on the goodwill of his daughter’s in-laws to survive. His wife died in 1982 but Mr. Butoi decided not to remarry and concentrate on raising his three children.

Peter Butoi In Admission

Mr. Butoi has always been a healthy man, who managed to raise his children single handed. But several years after the death of his wife, his health took a different turn. He says it must have been the stress of losing his wife that made his health deteriorate. The situation was so bad that at on such an attack, Mr. Butoi was left partially Deaf. He says for quite sometimes, he depended on signs to communicate with other people but when his sight begun failing him last November, he knew had times were coming back. He says one day after waking up and washing his face he noticed that he could not see well, his sight had turned blurry, but he couldn’t explain why. He quickly discharged this thinking it must have been an effect of the heavy drinking he did a day before. But several days letter the sight was only becoming worse. His daughter took him to a herbalist who prescribed to him some concoctions but after using the concoctions for about four days, his sight failed completely. He could hardly recognize anyone or make any meaning of any image. All he could see were shadows. “At this time I gave up hope in life completely, “he said. How was I to live without sight and no hearing, in my old age? At a time I must confess I contemplated suicide.” He added.
I thank God for my daughter even though she has nothing, she lives in poverty like me, and she has been trying to help me whenever she can. We changed the herbalist after the first one failed but no change was forthcoming in-fact, things became worse. One day as my daughter was coming to see me she met people who were talking of an eye camp that had been conducted by Sabatia and several people had had their sight restored. We had just heard of Sabatia but we knew we couldn’t afford the services since we could hardly afford two square meals a day. On inquiring further, she was told where the hospital was and that I could be helped there. This was early this years. We planned to sell my daughter-in-law's chicken to raise the little we could just to save one. But as they s says misfortunes come in twos, the chicken we were banking on was stolen just two days to the day we were to sell them. As things were now Mr. Butoi said he had to resign to fate since all the means to ever secure treatment were exhausted. His daughter, however, did not give up on him, she did menial jobs weeding people’s sugarcane to raise one thousand shilling to bring her father at Sabatia. She said when we were coming, we just wanted him to be checked and to know if his eyes could be saved so that we could go back and probably do a Harambee to raise money for his treatment. At Sabatia, Mr. Butoi was screened and was diagnosed with Bilateral Cataract. His vision had deteriorated to perception of light in both eyes. He was put on admission under Dioraphte Sponsorship. After the operation, Mr. Butoi’s sight had improved to 6/18. He couldn’t hide his Joy on realizing he could once again see. He said, Hizi maaibu ndogo ndogo za kutegemea watu hata kupelekwa choo zimeisha. Najua hata sasa nitwacha kuwa mzigo. Meaning the shame of depending on people to be taken for nature calls were over. He thanked Sabatia for the Sight Miracle. He Concluded by saying Mungu awazidishie Baraka. Meaning May God Bless you.

Mr Butoi After first Surgery

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